Although I would very much like to own an original police box, the chances of that happening are rather slim. However, the closest I've got so far is an original-issue police box key issued by the Metropolitan Police to constables in order to enable them to open the doors of a police box. The key is a standard Yale key, but has the initials "MP" and a Metropolitan Police crown stamped on it. I bought this key in an eBay auction, along with a police whistle. If I ever do commission a full-size police box replica I could have it fitted with a Yale lock that has been modified to fit this key.

This model was built by Stuart Evans under commission from the BBC for special effects use in the Doctor Who Evening broadcast on BBC 2 in November 1999. The model appears to have been cast from a solid block of some type of resin, and is extremely heavy. The detailing and weathering, however, make this a very realistic model. The inside is partially hollow, and it is possible to fit a bulb (with or without a flashing circuit) inside the roof assembly. This model is the same size as the standard Sevans TARDIS kit, i.e. 12" high, and is pictured here at the Nant Ffrancon Pass in the Snowdonia National Park, Wales, where the Doctor Who story The Abominable Snowmen was filmed in 1967.

I also have two other models of the same size which were also commissioned for the Dr Who Evening and built by Stuart Evans - pictures of these are to follow.